International Association of Treasury Services

The International Association of Treasury Services is an association of international scope bringing together the heads of public accounting administrations from its 29 member countries. After 15 years of existence, it has reached a high level of maturity and its actions are part of a strategy characterized by a structuring of its work around multi-year work themes divided into annual sub-themes.

AIST’s actions

Each year, AIST organizes an annual colloquium and directors' seminars, led by high-level experts working in the tax administrations of its members. A rich and complete documentation is made available to the participants on the topic treated, and all the debates give rise to written summaries.

The strategy

The working themes are intended to allow member countries to use AIST products to adapt them to their local context. All the delegates present at the AIST actions, heads of financial administrations or high ranking collaborators, actively participate in the work, in plenary sessions or in sub-groups, workshops or commissions, taking in turn the responsibility of animating the debates and reporting on them.


AIST is also and above all a privileged framework for the exchange of experiences, the sharing of good practices and the opportunity for members to deepen or to set up regional and international cooperations. All this in a spirit of conviviality and fraternity recognized by all. AIST thus accompanies its member countries in their modernization and performance process, with the constant concern of the respect of the rights and duties of each one, administration and taxpayers, in an international context in permanent evolution. For all these reasons, I am proud and honored of the responsibilities entrusted to me within this beautiful international organization that is AIST.



The International Association of Treasury Services was born in 2006 in Antananarivo from the will of its members to face together the challenges of modernizing public finance management.*

As a space for exchange and debate, AIST aims to contribute to a common reflection on the transformations to be undertaken and to develop forms of multilateral international cooperation based on common interest and mutual enrichment.

AIST members are confronted with many challenges that cannot be addressed in isolation: adoption of international accounting standards, renovation of public expenditure control methods, implementation of accounting and budgetary information systems, support for decentralization processes, efficiency of internal management methods of large networked administrations, etc. Globalization and the current economic and financial crisis reinforce the need for States to reform and to cooperate in order to undertake a coordinated modernization of their management.

A non-governmental and non-profit association, the Association has a real international vocation which is reflected in the geographical diversity of its members who today represent French and English-speaking African countries, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe, the CIS zone and Asia.

The working languages of the AIST are French and English (interpretation provided in these two languages during the colloquium and the seminar).

The founder countries:

Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, France, Gabon, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia.